The Urban Yoga

The Urban Yoga Photo Book The Urban Yoga Photo Book The Urban Yoga Photo Book The Urban Yoga Photo Book The Urban Yoga Photo Book Completely smitten with this collaborative, experimental photography project, The Urban Yoga. Created by Slovenian architect, yoga instructor and dancer, Anja Humljan, the project explores the relationship between the urban environment and the human body. All the images were taken in New York, Madrid, Paris and her hometown, Ljubljana, Slovenia by different photographers: Jaka Vinšek, Emilio P. Doiztua, Antoine Le Grand and Primož Lukežic.

According to Humljan, despite the title of the project, The Urban Yoga, it is not entirely about the practice of yoga. It’s a metaphor for the way we experience every day situations in an urban environment by focusing on our body and senses. It’s through our senses of smell, touch, taste and hearing that affects how we feel about a certain space. The photos from New York are significantly different than those in Ljubljana. With this project, Humljan asks the question: how does your city feel?

Cool. right?

Anja Humljan is currently raising funds for The Urban Yoga Photo Book on Kickstarter.

More of the gorgeous photos after the jump!

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A Photo Series Captures The Same Couple’s Painfully Cute Kiss All Over The World

brinsonbanks5 brinsonbanks14 brinsonbanks15 brinsonbanks1
In March 2010, Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks were at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada with a group of photographers when a friend snapped a photo of the two. It’s whimsical and romantic; Banks sweeps Brinson off her feet as they share a kiss.

Two months later while working on a project in Lebanon, Kansas, Brinson and Banks decided to re-create the photo.

“We were both mesmerized,” Brinson said. “It was just so beautiful. There were no trees, just a field of bright green wheat.” They set their camera on a self-timer and struck the pose.

The image stuck with the couple and it soon became their way of documenting their life together, spawning a collection of photographs known as #Brinsonbanksing.  “I love patterns in photography, so we started doing it again and again and again,” Brinson said.

After a student at a photography workshop led by Brinson and Banks titled their pose #Brinsonbanksing, they began to use the hashtag when they posted their photos on social media. Soon people around the world started taking their own #Brinsonbanksing pictures, modeling the same pose and using the hashtag. A search of the tag on Instagram shows people #Brinsonbanksing in countries like Brazil, Ireland and Costa Rica.

So cute, right?

p.s. if you like this then you will LOVE this!

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Electric Energy in NYC by Adam Garelick

I spent the last week in New York and fell in love with the city all over again. It’s simply the best!

The serendipitous ways, the ease of bopping around, ice cream cones in central park, trains out of Penn Station to wherever your heart desires, little city pockets just waiting to be fallen in love with (ehh hemmm Red Hook), endless restaurants, incredible individual style, art everywhere your eyeballs land and my favorite part, the electric energy.

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Patience by Josef Hoflehner

Patience by Josef Hoflehner Patience by Josef Hoflehner Patience by Josef Hoflehner Patience by Josef Hoflehner Patience by Joseph Hoflehner
In a world of endless noise on the internet and outside I found myself lost in this calm photo series, Patience by Josef Hoflehner.

Silence, secluded and empty spaces are the main themes of the body of work which was shot from 2006-2013. He chose unique locations as examples of the dynamic between man-made and the natural world, as well as total absence of humanity.

I just love it. Don’t you? Keep getting lost in his work here and after the jump.

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