3 Cocktails to Make with Simply Juice Drinks

Cocktails citrus Cocktails
Whether it’s for a planned dinner, unexpected company or an impromptu party,  signature cocktails are always a good look.  And the thing is, signature cocktails  don’t need to be a whole fancy to-do. You can make really beautiful and tasty  cocktails with the new Simply Juice Drinks.

These last few weeks I’ve been working with Simply Juice Drinks to celebrate the launch of their latest all-natural flavors made with simple ingredients  – Fruit PunchTropical and Mixer Berry – and came up with three signature cocktails using the new juice. Negroni? Margarita?  Caipirinha? Yes, yes and yesss! Here’s how to make them:

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Cocktail Recipe: The Classic Sidecar

sidecar sidecar sidecar
The Academy Awards are this weekend which is the perfect excuse to invite a few friends over to sip cocktails and judge the red carpet.

The last few years I served champagne cocktails and/or martinis but this season I’m feeling inspired to swirl up some sidecars. The cognac is so smooth and the classic cocktail just feels appropriate for a night of Hollywood glamor. Doesn’t it?

Here’s how to make it:

In a shaker full of ice add:
2 parts Cognac
½ part Orange Liquor
¼ part Lemon Juice

Swirl, pour, garnish with lemon wedge. Cheers!

To watch a video on this recipe head right this way!

p.s. any wagers on best dressed?

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How To Makeover Your At-Home Bar In 3 Steps

tumblr_mz7n34xF0R1s5u1s7o1_1280 yellow-cabinet 52fc00cb0b541400x
The bar nook in your home should be a place of sophisticated socializing and fun. Instead of just stashing my bottles and glasses away haphazardly, I like this space to be glamorous and creative. After all, holiday party is here and this easily gets to be the most popular area of the house! I’m a big believer in tiny details making a great impact, follow these 3 simple steps to creating an amazing home bar:

1. Keep A Fully Stocked Bar
When I know that I’m entertaining there are a few staple alcohols, mixers, garnishes and glassware that I always have in stock. It helps you become more creative with the drinks you whip up, and you’ll have something for everyone. Watch  this video to see everything you need to stock your bar in less than 1 minute.

2. Add Pretty Details
Again, it’s all in the details! The smallest change, like adding a few gemstones or flowers to the space, can lively everything up. I personally love these  gemstone bar accessories (P.S. they’re great gifts too!) and gemstone-adorned tray. Pick a cool color scheme and get creative, it’s the perfect way to showcase your personal taste!

3. Use A Chalkboard!
Ok, I’m a big fan of using chalkboards around the house. I especially love them in the bar area because you can write down a quirky quote or even a menu of specialty drinks if you’re having friends over. They always add a cool, homey touch to my space. If you want to make your own chalkboard menu, here is a step-by-step video on how to get started.

Photos: The Classy Issue, Remodelista and Style Me Pretty

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