Why Is Everyone Drinking Golden Milk A.K.A Turmeric Lattes (+ a recipe)?


Move over non-yellow-colored lattes! Turmeric lattes, also known as golden milk, are holding court and for good reason. Like what, you ask? The benefits: powerful anti-inflammatory, potent antioxidant, boosts immunity and brain power, aids in muscle pain relief, helps with digestion, reduces cholesterol, lowers risk of diabetes, helps fight infection, […]

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How To Make Turmeric Shots


There are so many incredible health benefits to turmeric which has made turmeric shots all the rage at juice bars.  The herbaceous plant of the ginger family serves as an anti-inflmmatory, is anti-aging, a powerful antioxidant, immunity booster, can lower your risk or heart disease and cancer, reduces cholesterol, helps with arthritis […]

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