fish out of water

to be totally honest im really terrible at following the doctors orders with this whole bed rest thing especially since after thursday i literally wont be able to leave my bed for g/d knows how long. with little freedom ahead of me i request to eat at some of the more social spots, in-between movies ive secretly been taking little shopping trips and last night i stayed out after my newly recent bedtime, 10 pm, i know, im a rebel.

its great being out but its also sort of odd, i almost feel like an elderly person sans the cane. with an energy level just about opposite kinetic people are constantly helping me do basic things like stand up and i notice the little things like how fast people move and how often they bump into you with no regard. its a very odd state of minda for a 24 year old.

last night one of my closest girlfriends was in from ny so a few of us went to katsuya and later to s-bar, both located in hollywood and on a 1-10 scale of trendiness depending on who you ask it may recieve a 7 (if lindso lo makes it there). dinner was yummy, as always, but at s-bar the la nightlife felt so foreign, bizarre, awkward, all synonyms apply, as i walked around in flats at a very embarrassingly slow pace. in a percocet state i wondered, is la always this strange or do my heels allow me over look all of this? i think i was taken aback mostly by “industry” night which generally eludes to some sort of hollywood professional gathering however by the looks of last nights attire we think we may have ended up at a porn industry gala. hollywood scares me sometimes.

i guess the point of this rant is that its odd to wake up and be enlightened by your daily life. i am so unaware of how unaware i am that its almost scary. while this has definitely been an eye opener im counting down the moments until my world goes back to normal when i dont notice all the porn stars.

photo cred: greg kadel

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  1. Bear: I really hope you will be feeling better soon! Do you have someone to help you out while you are recovering? Will you be able to continue to blog?

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I know how it is to be in a wretched recovery stage. Maybe while you’re recovering, you could have some of your friends visit you, that way you won’t be to so disoriented while going out. You guys could watch movies & read gossip magazines. You know… a sleepover of sorts. :]

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