Did you just see what I saw?

Between the fringed Loubi’s, studded Gucci’s, show stopping Rick Owens (which I find inspiring but can’t really envision wearing since they remind me a bit too much of the Elvira Halloween costume from 8th grade) and the most retarded (which is the ultimate compliment) Balenciaga’s I really am at a loss of words for the latest and greatest boot aesthetics. Boots have been taken to a whole new level and oohhhh emmmmm geeeeee, I die.

Photo Cred: Jak & Jil. Obvi…

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  1. ive been away for sooo long i almost forgot how incredible your blog is!!!!!
    and when i see those pictures of fashion editors/buyers in those huge boots it makes my jaw drop. they roam in packs and look like fashion gods.

  2. i just can’t get over the studded gucci shoes
    seriously, i walked by gucci today on my way to my next class and I almost passed out in front of the window display. That’s just walking-sex.

  3. those balenciagas are amaaazing.

    and in response to your comment, I have no idea if it’s banksy ^-^ I just found the image and liked it so I wanted to share it with all of you!

  4. I know! The boots this season are crazy (in a good way of course)!

    I want each and every one. Except the Rick Owens ones which are plain ugly in my opinion.

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