Old Man Trousers

I found these old man trousers at the Jet Rag dollar sale and immediately started imagining the person they once belonged to.
In my daze I envisioned a 5 foot 5, gray haired gentleman named Mort whose pants were always too short and shirts always stained. His wife always laughed at the egg driblets on his tie and the newspaper fingerprints he left on his 6:00 am cup of joe but nagged every time he spilled just because she could.

Whoever he was, I’m thrilled that he once purchased these gray slacks and even happier that he decided to get rid of them. I’m also glad he wore a napkin in his lap.

Tank: James Perse
Trousers: Jet Rag dollar sale
Belt: Jet Rag dollar sale
Gloves: Marc Jacobs
Bag: Vintage
Boots: Bebe

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  1. I’m one of your faithful lurkers, speaking up for the first time.

    I love the vintage treatment on these photos. 🙂 And the pants are rather charming on you–too see them on you is a surprise since you rock the minis so well!

  2. You are so chic and always switching it up which means I’m never bored of your outfits. Thank you for the daily dose of Geri!

  3. Adorable!
    All of my LA gals always talk about Jet Rag and the dollar sale!
    I feel like i am MISSING out!
    I’ll have to check it out the next time i’m down there!

  4. Hi Geri!

    Those pants are AWESOME and I really like that you kept it simple with a wife beater. I LOVED those bebe boots with that dress you wore to the Emmy party but they look great covered too, almost like a different shoe.



  5. ohhh have fun, YES I am a huge fan, but……. Yelle is here the same night as Lykke and I think Yelle will be more fun, so I bought tickets to that. How stupid to have them playing on the same night, so many of us want to go to both.

  6. You are so good at putting things together. I would never have thought to add the gloves but they take it from boring to outstanding!

  7. You are so Parisian, would fit in with me and my girlfriends perfectly. If you ever come to Paris we will take you to the top vintage marts….

  8. GERI…..you inspire me…I absolutely love this web sight, your visions and style!!!! Too cute. Question? Is the jet rag dollar sale on every sunday?

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