Is it just me or is there is something intriguingly sexy about the top pair and something geriatric hot about the bottom pair?

If you say ‘zip’ really fast 23 times you may start to laugh.


PC. fashionsquad and emmanygren

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  1. The second boots almost remind me of a mummy’s foot. I know that’s weird. I feel like they could still be rocked out with a bodycon dress on someone with crazy long legs.

  2. I am crazy about these shoes! Especially the black ones. I have a perfect outfit for them, if only they were within my reach!
    Have a fabulous day!

  3. I love those first boots. I don’t really think it’s that mysterious why they are sexy. They resemble a woman’s upper body and the zipper is making them one step to go. Do you know their brand?

    I love your blog so much.

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