Kewwwwwwwwwwwwwwl bags by Boyy.

I’m in the bag market in a big way. Such a big decision! What should I get, what should I get?

Photos: Boyy

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  1. dfntly one of these from boyy. so amazingly perfect. ahh. and not everyone has one on their shoulder, which for me is a huge plus.
    only downside is that its leather. dammit.

  2. Love them! I say a Clare Vivier bag, and it won’t even break the bank! Or a nice Alexander Wang Diego bag…since you are in the market in a big way! Good luck!

  3. I LOVE these bags, but don’t buy either! The chain handle is very much of the past unfortunately, I bought my thick chained tote in December 2008. If you’re going to spend $600 on a bag – buy one with a less hard core detail because you will tire of this one too quickly as the new lighter and romantic look comes in. (Just look at all the SS’10/Couture/FW’10 lines if you don’t believe me)


  4. #1!! I love the gray hue! Oh and my Boyy bag has lasted me through atrocities that no bag should be subjected to. They’re pretty incredible bags.

  5. I’m saving for the first was love at first sight when i saw it one carolines mode blog…i love anything animal print or skin…and this is just lovely.

  6. I love the shades of gray and the texture of the first bag, but think you will tire of the chain handle. Hardcore metallica is giving way to a softer look so it may feel dated way too soon. Chains are a pain, anyway!

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