20 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

20 ways to spring clean your life
Flowers are bloomin’, sun is shinin’…and it’s time to spring clean. I might be alone, but the thought of going through my entire life and getting rid of the unnecessary is super appealing. And I’m not just talking about cleaning out my closet.

Spring provides the ideal opportunity to take a look at what makes up your life – from home to tech to relationships – and reset. It’s the perfect time to declutter all the ‘blah’ in your world and instead go on with the year feeling light & refreshed.

To do so, here are 20 ways to spring clean every aspect of your life:


  1. Start with the closets & dressers. Get rid of clothing, linens, shoes, and towels that you don’t need anymore or are old. This includes intimates. You know how it works: if you haven’t used it in the last year, BYE!
  2. Clean out the kitchen. Go through the cabinets and box up any old plates, bowls, or silverware that are mismatched – then donate! Next, check the dates on everything in your freezer, spice rack, pantry, and fridge. Make a list of the essentials that you need to replace.
  3. Check under your bed. Ideally, this spot would already be cleared, but if things have made their way under, remove it all – and dust while you’re at it.
  4. Like your food, grab all bathroom products and check their expiration dates. Also toss anything that you aren’t loving anymore or is super toxic!
  5. If you have a desk in your home, get minimal. Open notebooks and rip out used pages then recycle. See if the pens work too.
  6. You know that junk drawer where all receipts, recipes, and cards go? Recycle anything outdated or irrelevant.


  1. Open the glove compartment, go under the seats, and don’t forget the truck!
  2. After it’s clean, give it some love with a full wash – inside and out. Save time by taking it to the professionals after work one day.


  1. The amount of stuff that piles up on a computer or phone over a year is insane. Go through all your folders, pictures, apps, etc.
  2. This is a good time to re-do all your passwords for proper protection. It’s a pain, but log into all major accounts and change it up.
  3. Open that DVR list and remove any recordings that are old or that you no longer watch.
  4. Unsubscribe to all those damn emails and clean up that inbox. Here’s how!
  5. Give all devices a wipe down with a non-toxic and non-harmful cleaner.


  1. Finally bow out of that recipe chain that you stress about adding to each week. Your friends will understand that you can’t say yes to everything.
  2. Un-commit to any friendships that are leaving you feeling bad about yourself or unnatural, and stop gossiping with them too. Leave all that toxicity in your past.
  3. Re-commit to the friendships that leave you happy and fulfilled. Plan a girl’s trip or a romantic weekend with your partner to clean up those relationships.


  1. Schedule time for a mani pedi, haircut, wax, massage, whatever it is that will make you feel polished and your best.
  2. Let go of the regrets holding you down. Focus on the present!
  3. Say see-ya to negative body image once and for all. Instead, fill it with love and appreciation for the one your mama gave you.
  4. Finally, spring clean your routine. Ditch the practices that you’re not loving, and find the self-love ideas that bring you the most joy. Stop going to the workout that you hate and find one more pleasurable. Quit watching TV for hours a night and instead get more sleep. Do you, but the best version of you!

Feeling lighter already?



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  1. I spend the entire Easter holidays with doing a major spring clean of my flat. There is something calming and refreshing in having a super clean house and knowing that all of those things that have been bugging you – they are finally out of you life. 🙂

  2. i love absolutely everything about this! i so need to clean out my room and my car, not to mention back-up everything on my computer and ditch whatever i don’t need. i always forget about bathroom stuff/makeup too, need to get on that!

    i think #16 is the game-changer though – realizing as I get older how important the valuable friendships are and how toxic the bad ones can be. thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

  3. Ok this definitely inspired me to start a spring clean for my life because I really need one!

    These ideas are unique as is your whole post. Thank you for sharing.
    I love coming across authentic content like this post!

  4. Ironically, we offer a similar post today and back you up 100%. We have come up with one rule to keep it all ongoing after you take all this time and energy to get things just like you like them for your perfect LBD!-Laurel Bledsoe

  5. I love this post! The relationships and tech sections definitely contain great advice! I feel a whole lot better after going through my computer and phone and getting rid of unnecessary junk!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. This is a great post – I love the idea of spring cleaning your life. I can’t think of a better way to go into summer than being completely decluttered. I’m so glad you added going through bathroom products – I never think to do that until it’s too late! I can’t wait to get started this weekend!

  7. It’s easy to “spring clean” when you have nothing important to do but a shitty blog. At least you should make more efforts to improve what you tell because you are just waisting our time reading you

  8. Love, Love, Love this post. I got some really good ideas on how to reorganize my life and made a to do list. If I got to it and do some of the spring cleaning ideas it would not only make my life easier, but it would help my relationship with my partner. Thank you so much for making such a useful post.

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