25 Ways To Eliminate Toxins From Your System

I spoke on a wellness panel a few weeks ago and the topic was “Toxin Elimination” which was such a great driver of conversation because toxins seem to be everywhere: in our food, beauty products, cleaning products, homes, thoughts, relationships, etc.

The good news is, there are so many ways to limit our exposure to toxic materials and beyond that, we can work to eliminate toxins trapped deep into our bodies, minds and lives. Eliminating toxins will generally make you feel better, you’ll experience an increase in energy, possible weight loss, clearer skin, benefit from an increased immune system, and feel an overall sense of mental clarity.

If you’re feeling bogged down, take a look over this list which is full of practical, small ideas and try making changes to decrease your toxicity. If you’re pregnant or interested in becoming pregnant, take a deeper look and make more changes – it’s important.

p.s. I didn’t add a general cleanse to this list but if you need to take bigger action, a cleanse is an excellent way to reset your system. My cleanse of choice is the Clean Program.

Here are 25 ways to eliminate toxins in different areas of your life:

1. Avoid drinking out of water bottles which are often made with BPA, an industrial chemical found in plastics. Glass or stainless are great alternatives (I love my BKR). BPA can also be found in canned goods and plastic tupperware; be sure to look for BPA-free products where possible.

2. Protect yourself from EMF’s (electromagnectic radiation) by using a headset when you use your phone, don’t place your phone in your pocket directly near your body, and sleep with your phone on airplane mode.

3. Cut out chemical filled processed foods, snacks and sodas. A good way to grocery shop to avoid buying processed foods is to shop the perimeter where all the fresh ingredients live.

4. Opt for organic foods where possible by hitting up your local farmer’s market or growing them yourself. This is especially important for fruits, vegetables and dairy.

5. Wash your produce.

6. Limit ​alcohol consumption.

7. Sweat it out! Get rid of unwanted toxins by flushing out the bad stuff with a good old fashion sweat either through physical activity, a sauna or a steamy hot shower.

8. Increase your water intake and be sure to be drinking clean, purified water.

9. Add a probiotic to your daily regime to remove toxic bacteria from your gut.

10. Skip things like Tylenol, Advil and other non-prescribed medicines opting for natural remedies instead.

11. Swap out your tampons for an organic version. Why? Most tampons are treated with harsh chemicals and bleach. My tampon brand of choice is Cora.

12. Try an organic body soap (like Dr. Bronners or Make 3).

13. Trade in your lotion for a body oil or body butter. Most lotions are packed with synthetic chemicals and since you’re putting this all over your skin, it’s an important one as it can be absorbed into your blood stream.

14. Use a natural deodorant. Great list of options here.

15. Go bare, take a break from nail polish.

16. Try oil pulling.

17. Brush regularly, be sure to floss and start your morning with a tongue scraper.

18. Next time you buy a pack of gum, opt for a natural brand like Simply Gum.

19. Consider swapping out any toxic cleaning product for all natural ones which can be as cheap as using vinegar and baking soda.

20. Clean your vents and be sure to update your AC filter regularly to cut dust circulation.

21. Add a plant to your home, they naturally purify the air. Here’s a good list of ideas for indoor plants.

22. If you feel like you need more air purifying in your home, try an purifier. I love dyson’s Pure Cool Link.

23. Take long deep breathes of high quality air.

24. Be smart about your fish consumption to avoid excess mercury. Some tips:

Choose your canned fish wisely: Albacore (“white”) tuna typically has more mercury than canned light tuna. Troll-caught tuna, like the kind you find in a can from Wild Planet, will have more consistently low mercury levels because the fishing method tends to have smaller catch than long-line fishing. An even safer bet: Canned sardines.

Don’t eat predators. Shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish are all near the top of the food chain. They also contain some of the highest levels of mercury of fish we eat.

Opt for anchovies. These short-lived fish are all but devoid of mercury. They also happen to be one of the most omega- and calcium-rich species on the planet.

Choose smaller fish. Avoid the temptation to pick the biggest fish at the market — smaller is likely younger, had less time to accumulate mercury, and is healthier.

​25. Eat plenty of fiber​ to help remove toxic buildup.

If you have other toxic elimination ideas, please share them here!​ ​Part 2 of this coming soon!



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  1. After my trip to Europe last month I’ve really been wanting to eat less processed crap. I ate so much while over there but never once felt bloated or full or gross – because everything is just made from real, natural ingredients. It’s an obvious revelation, but man, Europeans just know how to do some things right. 😉


  2. About fish: DONT EAT SMALL TUNA. They’re younger and have had less offspring. Tuna are on the verge of extinction and killing the youngsters will help get there faster. If worried about mercury, eat river fish.

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