A BIG Dose Of Outfit Inspiration

Sydney FW Street Style Sydney FW Street Style Sydney FW Street Style Sydney FW Street Style Sydney FW Street Style
As you may have noticed, this blog has changed a bit over the last several months. Instead of curating content, like I did for years, I’ve been producing all of my own original content ranging from wellness to beauty to recipes and outfits. It feels really good to open up and share in a way I hadn’t before and the feedback has been off the charts! I want to thank you for the continued support, it’s incredibly rewarding and energizing, and please keep the feedback coming.

One note that I’ve gotten from a handful of readers is that they miss the street style roundups so, here you go! This is every street style picture I’ve saved on my desktop over the last few months and I hope it gives you the dose of outfit inspiration you were looking for. Way more after the jump. xx

p.s. who else loves those gucci slippers?

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Where To Shop For Vintage Levi’s

IMG_9894 9O2A0860 IMG_9894 copy
When it comes to style, the perfect pair of jeans is equal parts secret weapon and security blanket. And, when it comes to denim, vintage Levi’s are pretty much the gold standard. But where does one find that perfectly worn in pair? Here are seven places (other than Etsy & ebay which are also excellent sources but require more digging) to scoop up the forever flattering fit:

1. RE/DONE specialize in repurposing vintage denim, hand-cutting and resewing them based on the denim trends of the season, to ensure a perfect fit.

2. Denim Refinery has an expertly curated selection of vintage denim. You’ll find your standard vintage Levi 501s, but also rare finds that are distressed, ripped, and patched.

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The Hair Tuck

The hair tuck The hair tuck The hair tuck The hair tuck The hair tuck
Now trending: The Hair Tuck.

Consider the micro-trend of tucking your hair into your sweater/coat officially a “thing.”

More inspiration after the jump. Tuck, tuck!

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