I’m a true California girl, raised in the City of Angels. I started this blog in 2005 to chronicle fashion, music, food (including a culinary school stint!), and art as a creative outlet while unfulfilled at my full-time job. Over the 15 years, my passions have expanded (but yes, still a fashion girl at heart), and I love sharing inspiration for a lifestyle that feels good, especially when it comes to wellness.

On top of running my blog, I’m the Creative Director and on the founding team of the luxury clean makeup line, Saie Beauty. Saie is a venture-backed non-toxic line rooted in performance, fashion, sustainability and good-for-you ingredients.

In 2010 I started LEAF.tv, a how-to video commerce brand with over 10 million uniques visitors per month covering all things…Living, Eating and Fashion (+wellness). LEAF was acquired in August 2015 and I left the company in 2017.

I live in Los Angeles with my two daughters and husband who loves coffee and wellness just as much as I do. We’re sharing our coffee passion with the world through our family-owned coffee shop, Neighborhood, which is located on LaBrea. Come say hi! When we’re not working, you can find us with our girls, traveling as a family, listening to old records – and likely sipping on a cold brew #balance.


  1. Hi! So I was looking at engagement rings on Pinterest and I saw yours and I’m absolutely in love, it’s so beautiful ! Could you tell me where your hubby got it ?! I’d love to see what else they have <3

  2. Congrats on all you’ve achieved! You’re inspiring the rest of us bloggers out there who want to go full-time! 🙂 Loving you red lippie btw 🙂

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