I’m wearing Rick Owens DRKSHDW leggings, Rag & Bone swinton bandage skirt, T by Alexander Wang classic long sleeve T, A.L.C. hampton cardigan, Marc By Marc Jacobs artie abstract scarf, We The Free ptrimmed parka & removable vest, Givenchy Nightingale, Ray-Ban aviators, Mini Market suede space boots

Other than having a driver, and even then, it is still totally unclear to me how all the skittles stay warm while flurrying around NY/Paris/Milan during fashion week in tiny dresses, open toe shoes and no coats. It’s as though temperature doesn’t exist. Could they be warm blooded fashion bots?

By day three of fashion week it started to snow and I could NOT be bothered with the idea of dressing for anything but warmth and comfort. In attempts to combat the frigid wind that had whipped through my bones the days prior, I stuffed as many layers as possible underneath my coat, slid into the warmest boots I had and prayed for readily available cabs, a magical heat wave and moisturized skin.

This was the layer-y result as captured by one of my favorite photographers, Jamie Beck from ‘From Me To You,’ as we exited brunch with Lucky Mag.

I was warm, very warm. And only mildly uncomfortable about my casual attire when I walked by Adubz while taking my seat at Altuzzura.

Photos: Jamie Beck from ‘From Me To You’

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  1. And you look warm, while still managing to stay super stylish! How exactly anyone does that, I will never know, as I usually pile on the layers and end up looking like a yeti. a not very stylish yeti. sigh

  2. I like that you posted a single picture of yourself. I’d love to see more outfits. It allows me to get the idea of the outfit without feeling like I’m flipping through a narcissistic photo shoot. You’re gorgeous!

  3. Found you via BlogLovin – soo happy I did! Love these layers, looking so comfy chic! Using you as inspiration when I get dressed for work in the morning 🙂


  4. I totally get what you’re saying! But srsly you NYX traipsing fashion week bots are lucky you don;t have to factor in snow and slush (winter’s reallllllll harsh elements) into your routine! it’s impossible to dress for fashion when that happens: no shoe options! At least in nyc, you cna dress in as many cozy layers as you want to and still give the look a fashionable edge with your heeled footwear. no such luck here. esp. this season, where winter is never-ending and it’s currently -25 (15cm of snow just fell with 10 more on the way). no end in sight. le sigh.

    THAT said! love your outfit 😉 and at first glance, i thought it was a pic of miroslava duma!


  5. waow. super pretty! I saw this picture at Jamie’s tumblr the other day.. now I found out it’s you! how awesome:) I’ve been trying to find these raybans.. but not sure what type it is? what type is yours and where did you buy it? do you have any suggestions where to buy it?

  6. Your style is my absolute favorite. I love that you aren’t getting dressed to take photos of yourself in the woods. It’s just real and translatable.

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