October 31, 2012

chloé alphabet: n is for nude

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Chloé is celebrating their 60th anniversary and in honor of the celebration they’ve launched a digital letter retrospective highlighting the brands heritage by teaming up with 26 bloggers. Every other day, starting on September 25th, a blogger shares a new letter. Each letter is assigned a theme, individually telling a fragment of the story; collectively forming a mosaic of Chloé’s iconic moments, inspirations and heriatage.

Today is my turn and I got lucky letter ‘N’ for….Nude! 

 But why nude? And more importantly why the alphabet? 

“I’ve always thought women look better naked.” – Gaby Aghion 

“N” for “nude” represents femininity, grace and intimacy. As put by the brand, The garment and body work in harmony resulting in a feel-good factor that does wonders for one’s self confidence.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Gaby Aghion founded Chloé in Paris in 1952. As a visionary, she had a unique approach to cataloging her collections. She found numbers impersonal so she switched to letters. Collection A was first, with every item in it given a name beginning with A. The next was B…you can guess the rest. 

The story continues to unfold on chloe.com/alphabet.  

Joyeux anniversaire, Chloé! And thank you for including me!

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