1. Oh God, too many jewels for my eyes! I'm gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie ♥___♥ Love your blog! Glad I found it! Kisses from Belgium -

  2. If I just looked at the pictures and never read the tittle…I would be saying "nice boutique" but since this is someone's closet, I am saying "WTF". What happened with the small wardrobes with key and versatile pieces? I still don't understand why many women these days think that more is better fashion wise.
    I know she has the biggest wardrobe she can afford…but, can she buy style?

  3. Such gorgeous eye candy. But the problem with candy, of course, is that too much of it eventually makes you sick. After looking at a few images, I began to find all of this excess revolting. So many clothes, shoes, dishes! And why? Is something so enormous missing from her life that she needs to fill the void with all of these THINGS? And is the implication that we should all follow suit, or, at least, aspire to?

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