1. You know , i'm french and Im quite proud about these brands which spread the french touch
    But just to say… this is not quality… A.P.C. or See By Chloé or even ACNE for little pieces, cost the same (expensive) and come from an actual work and design… Maje and Sandro, that's just industry made in China… but ok it's beautiful (just bad quality)

  2. I have to agree w/ BB de la Branche – bought my first Maje leather skirt recently and it was so poorly made the pockets ripped as soon as I put my hands in them. Returned it and bought a Wang skirt instead.

  3. I just fell in love with all of them!
    They all look good to wear or is it just the models? 🙁
    I hope not cause they are just bery eye pleasing! I guess a little dark shaded lipstick can be added especially to those dark combination of gadgets and everything will be perfect! Thank you very much for this idea. 🙂

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