borrowed from the boys

Winter is all about layering, so why not change up your look this season and grab a little inspo from one of my favorite style icons, Lauren Hutton. Borrowing from the boys has never felt so good. I found 10 basic pieces that are easy to pair with items you probably already own:

1. Trousers. Always comfortable and dualy chic, love this feminine rendition of a men’s trouser. 

2. Boots. Alexander Wang can do no wrong with these sleek black leather bad boys. 

3. An oversized blazer. Pair a slouchy topper with skinny leather pants and layered basics. 

4. The classic Barbour jacket. My outerwear essential this winter. 

5. The flannel. Wear it, layer it, love it. 

6. Converse high tops. I wear mine with everything from mini dresses to maxi skirts, vintage levis to tuxedo pants. 

7. Bad ass tee. Because it’s bad ass! 

8. The beanie. A cashmere take will keep you warm all winter long. 

9. A vintage Rolex. Speaks for itself. 

10. A pinky ring. The classic men’s insignia style looks perfect on a woman’s pinky. 

Happy eBay hunting! 

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  1. I can't go out to do errands without my beanie and high tops!!!! My brother's borrowed items are truly coming in handy this season! I love my bro!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

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