August 2, 2013

ballet photography by mark olich

 photo MarkOlichballet2_zps5cac797a.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet15_zps4142800f.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet13_zps1ad656a5.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet4_zps3b7b98fc.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet9_zps3b663326.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet18_zps390089b7.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet16_zps003e798b.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet12_zpsb7691174.jpg
While falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole I came across this moody ballet photography by Mark Olich and was blown away. Aren’t his pictures just incredible?

I couldn’t find much info on Olich but you can check out more of his work here and there’s a few more of my favorite shots after the jump.

p.s. if you like dance photography you may also like the work of lisa tomasetti and/or little shao.Β 

 photo MarkOlichballet8_zpsc1e4f9d6.jpg
 photo MarkOlichballet17_zps7d4b9748.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet6_zps3ac1442a.jpg
 photo MarkOlichballet5_zpsf8362cd7.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet_zpsc6cf6af5.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet10_zpsde27c618.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet14_zps9ccf238f.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet3_zps3b298da7.jpg  photo MarkOlichballet7_zpsd74c7c77.jpg
Photos: Mark Olich

22 Responses to “ballet photography by mark olich”

vanessaAugust 3rd, 2013 at 7:11 pm

I'm SO in love with this. I find ballet one of the most beautiful forms of expression on the planet, and actually just started taking beginners classes!
Thanks for these inspiring photos

maslindaAugust 3rd, 2013 at 7:24 pm

thanks for posting these, they are so beautiful, especially the those that are taken from above..the dancers llok like they form a flower, wow!

HarlynnAugust 4th, 2013 at 2:25 am

I miss the ballet days, but love love love photography of dancers. Ballerina's in particular, since they're so graceful and elegant…but could kick some butt!

nicola lyndeAugust 6th, 2013 at 6:06 pm

So stunning. There's so many unconventional ballet photos being taken these days, and although I love those as well, it's nice to see some completely classical shots.

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