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 photo fall2013_mrkate_06_zps452c36b5.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_08_zpsce1df463.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_01_zpsb9a2b99a.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_02_zps468c8035.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_07_zps2c76a3b5.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_05_zps9c008e3f.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_04_zps313dca7e.jpg
 photo fall2013_mrkate_11_zpsdae563dc.jpg
 photo fall2013_mrkate_10_zpse59ba6d2.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_12_zps66dbaa51.jpg
Ahhh so excited for a brand spanking new Mr. Kate fall collection (she is legitatmely one of my favorite girls in Los Angeles).

In her newest collection, Element by Mr. Kate, she has created 9 pieces which all take inspiration from “being in your element” and celebrating personality. All of the pieces play with juxtaposition and a sense of whimsy and “there is something for everyone to feel in your element!”

Cute, right?Β 

Shop it here.

The rest of the lookbook after the jump!

 photo fall2013_mrkate_03_zps3d2a07f1.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_09_zps421d11da.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_13_zpse339a8b6.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_14_zpse69b886e.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_15_zps6d6cc812.jpg  photo fall2013_mrkate_16_zps76520a58.jpg Photos: Kat Borchart, modeled by Allie Crandell with hair and make-up by Christina Guerra via Mr. Kate

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