September 13, 2013

white milk glass

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Other than books, art, shoes and bags I wouldn’t call myself much of a collector.  Not even as a child. There were no rocks or pogs or baseball cards stashed on my shelves.  I didn’t even have one of those towers of CD’s (remember those?). There were of course…Barbies. 

As one who rarely collects, starting a collection can be rather exhilarating and like a kid excited for show-and-tell I’m stoked to share that I recently started collecting white milk glass. Mmm hmmmm, that’s right.  Thanks to last weekends Rose Bowl flea market and the power of ebay you’re looking at a proud collector of spikey white porcelain (such as this vase!).

Here’s my vision: accumulate vases, bowls and cake stands in different heights, shapes and sizes then do all of the following:

1. place them along my kitchen counter to hold fresh produce and flowers 

2.  line them down the center of a table full or oranges or flowers or crudités or snacks or anything for dinner parties

3. set up a dreamy dessert table (how pretty would beautiful pasties look in contrast to the stark white?)

4. enjoy looking at them in the way that collectors like to doPhotos: Pinterest

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AnonymousSeptember 14th, 2013 at 9:05 am

Love it!! Looks so pure…I'm wondering if there's a possibility to spray or paint old vases and bowls in white? Would be great to upcycle stuff from the flea market…

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