It Started With A Calvin Klein Rug

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When we moved into our new house in December and had a guest bedroom for the first time ever I was VERY excited. I always feel very weird about visitors staying at hotels so I insist people stay with us which has meant either sleeping on the couch or air mattress – not ideal!

Now that friends can stay comfortably at our home, it’s my mission to make a relaxing and zen room for them to stay in.  You know, a very Calvin Klein Home feel. Something perfectly clean, simple and minimal yet warm, homie and textured.

After popping into the Calvin Klein Home store in NY and snapping what felt like 100 inspiration pictures, I ordered the first big item for the room: the Calvin Klein Home Mesa Barit rug (it’s not available on their site but there are similar ones are available on  It’s so simple but when guest step out of bed and land their feet on the lush soft fabric, they’ll feel the warm comfort.

Can’t wait to finish this room and share the pics! Next task: the bedding!

IMG_4800 IMG_3790
Photos: Eddie Brakha

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  1. I love the view from the room!
    I totally agree that sometimes “the rug” sets up the tone of the entire room and brings so much into it! Looking forward to the final outcome of your interior project!

  2. Thank you Eddie for such magnificent pictures of Geri !You make a great team!To Geri I love it and love you more!xo

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