A Look Inside Khloé Kardashian’s Fitness Closet


khloe-kardashian-closet-1 khloe-kardashian-closet-4 khloe-kardashian-closet-5
Say hello to the workout closet of Khloe Kardashian’s dreams! She recently opened up the doors to her 150 square-foot fitness closet to SELF and it is seriously out of control! The closet includes rows and rows of hanging space, built-in shelves for her collection of colorful Nikes, sliding drawers to showcase her sweatbands and hair accessories, a mini refrigerator stocked with water, and shelving for medicine balls, foam rollers, yoga blocks, and more.

With a closet and gear like that, there is no excuse not to workout. More of the closet after the jump!

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Photos: SELF

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