7 Reasons To Start Drinking Rose Water

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I want to rewrite the classic saying, “stop and smell the roses” to “stop and smell/drink/make/use the roses” after learning what they can do for your body and mind. People—including the ultimate beauty chick Cleopatra—have been distilling petals for centuries to reap the rewards of rose water. It’s not only ultra feminine, but it’s also easy to make and accessible. Most importantly, it’s super good for you!

Drinking two cups a day is said to provide these benefits:

  • Lowers stress and anxiety. Back in the day, it was even spread at weddings to symbolize mediation and prayer. Beautiful, right?
  • Tons of vitamins. It contains vitamin A/C/D/E, and even B3 which can lower cholesterol.
  • Antioxidants which help with aging skin (like dark spots and wrinkles) and even shrinking pores.
  • Helps with digestion and constipation. The fiber may get things moving.
  • Keeps respiratory issues in check. It can have a bronchodilator effect that may help fight a cold, flu or sore throat.
  • Decreases bloating. It contains flavonoids which aid with inflammation.
  • Increases mood. It can lift your mood when you’re bummed out.

You can also use it on your body to help with:

  • Hydration. Splash on your face to get a (really pretty smelling) glow.
  • Dark circles and puffy eyes. Dab under your eyes in the morning or at night.
  • Shiny hair. Spritz on your locks to increase shine.
  • Wounds. Dab it on your skin to aid with healing.

I mean at this point, what can’t it do?

To make it:
-Fill a glass jar with distilled water
-Add a handful of clean rose petals to the jar
-Place in the sun for two days
-Remove and drain the water. Voila!

You can also buy commercially-prepared rose water, but make sure it doesn’t contain chemicals!



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  1. Thank you so much for this, over the past few month I have been reading about the wonderful frequencies of rose water. I know it can be made from essential oil drops. Do you have any suggestions for a good edible rose oil that I can purchase. It seems that most of them are not edible(dillutable) and are only sold for aroma therapy. Thanks

  2. Djana,
    doTerra oils are certified therapeutic grade oils which can be used topically, internally or aromatically depending upon which oil you use. But the rose oil can be used internally.

  3. I use this daily my skin has tightened, it has helped my bloating problems and heals wounds and spots and I use it as a cleanser as well as drinking it and it smells gorgeous 😍

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