1. Hallo there

    My name is Emaline Delapaix and I am a Berlin based Australian singer​ songwriter​​ ​who will be releasing my new EP CD ‘Exorcism’ in the next week.

    ​I​ like what you do and​ wondered if you might be interested in doing a little cross promotion thing where ​I giveaway away ​5​​ ​digital copies​ ​of ​my new 5 track EP CD ‘Exorcism’ ​to​ ​your readers​ ​and in return you do a little write up/interview​ ​with me?​ ​I also have over 3500 fans on facebook so it could be a good thing for both us.​
    A few pieces of information about me that could be interesting for you/your readers:

    I am completely independent, booking my own shows and have played concerts in Canada, USA, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Poland, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Slovenia​.​

    I began playing music full time​ ​in late 2010 after packing in a crappy job in Toronto and moved to a caravan in rural Eastern Germany at the beginning of a very cold winter where I taught myself to play piano, acoustic guitar and baby celtic harp.

    I write about love just like most songwriters do but I also try to write about the darker sides of life like depression (which I suffered from terribly until I changed my life and became a full time musician/vegan​, then it got a lot better​ as my health improved​) as well as travel, nature, animal rights and a lot more.

    I live with my Canadian rescued cat Reece who is big and red and resembles Garfield and we’ve been together for​ ​10​ ​years living in Canada and Germany.

    My CD’s are handmade and self recorded using recycled card and eco friendly inks.

    ​I forage, grow some of my own fruit/veg and eventually​ plan to buy some land to build a house/recording studio, surrounding it with organic gardens close to Berlin.

    I give a small % of CD sales to local animal charities via online sales and concerts.

    If you’re interested you can​​ listen to my music at,​ find out more at​ my facebook music page at​ ​​ ​and my website

    Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you​ ​soon.

    Emaline Delapaix

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