I’m Just Sayin…

Jaclyn Johnson. Inspiration. Internet maven. Totally girl crushing.

More of her here, here and here and more of this photo shoot here.

And of course, best inauguration day in history. Check this out for one more big smile and perhaps another little tear.

PC: Daniel Barbosa

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  1. The best part about this is that you recognized that Jackie’s an all-around stunner – intelligent, driven, REAL… not to mention beautiful.

    I’m privileged to call her a friend. Great post, Geri.

    I guess that means I’m girl crushing too.

  2. you always know how to pick the it girls. i read about cory kennedy, harley viera newton, rumi, karla, betty and so many more here first!

  3. I have to admit that I don’t know who this girl is. My excuse is that I live in London and she hasn’t yet emerged on our radar… I will google her now to try and find out more!

  4. right!! she is brilllliant in her show, more girls need to stop being trend lemmings, grow a social conscience and express their opinions. jackie epitomizes the idea that above all, your mind is still your number one accessory.

    and now i’m ranting, but anyway i’m really glad you posted this!

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