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Holy shit balls! Please excuse the shameless self promotion but guys, I’m in Women’s Wear Daily!

The article is called ‘Social Studies: Visionary Fashion Websites‘ and lists the 12 “must bookmark sites” including Polyvore, Net-a-Porter, Vogue Italia and…ummmmm me!

I couldn’t be more ecstatic and quite frankly I’m in shock. Thank you Dana Wood, WWD and everyone for reading! Ahhhhh WWD!

“The night job of Los Angeles–based fashion savant Geri Hirsch (by day, she’s a marketing exec for Good, an innovative philanthropy and green portal), Addicted offers a bird’s-eye peek into the brain of a style-obsessed twentysomething. Yes, there are more than a few pictures of her in pricy skinny jeans, but here’s what surprises: the sophistication of Hirsch’s edit, which is culled from all the major fashion capitals and reflects a deep knowledge of the international scene. The mix is eclectic, featuring everything from killer tortoiseshell sunglasses and a recipe for fried goat cheese salad to news that she’s been invited to cover Russian Fashion Week. And certainly no one could accuse Hirsch of being verbose. Attached to photos of Kate Moss from a 2006 French Vogue sitting is a single word of copy: “Epic.” – WWD


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