festival chic

Kate Moss rocking it out at the Isle Of Wight Festival.

I’d sort of love to see her get down to some Jay-Z. 99 problems to be exact.

Lollllllla this year, anyone?

Photos: Top, TFS. Bottom, Knight Cat.

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  1. This girl on the festival bus was saying how she’d met her and pixie geldof coming off a ride! Crazy.

    Jay-Z was deffo amazing <3


  2. Lollapalooza this year. So excited. And stoked. I’m hoping that it will top Coachella for me, especially with Lady Gaga! I told my friends I would wrap myself in saran wrap and glue plastic balls on it when I go to her concert. I was joking, but they got super excited and told me to take pictures. Sigh.

    If I could find a perfect fur bedecked toppiece, I would go as Kate Moss.



  3. her longer hair is giving pete/kate flashbacks, esp wearing that vest. i love festival kate! amazing boots too. that’s the thing with british festivals, you can layer and wear outfits like this w/o dying of heat exhaustion.

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