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It’s apparently fall but I wouldn’t know as it’s scorching hot in LA. Not that I’m complaining butttt it would be nice to tuck into a big cozy maroon sweater. It sounds so…Thanksgiving. Doesn’t it?

p.s. where did the word ‘maroon’ disappear to? I haven’t heard it in a bajillion years. And how are we three weeks away from Thanksgiving?

Photos: Numero Tokyo December 2010 via Cartoon Style

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  1. Maroon is a favorite color of mine. It’s warm, seasonal and looks great on a lot of skin tones. The undertones of the purples work great on fair skin, but can also make dark skin seem glowy as well.

  2. we need to trade places if you are not loving the hot weather. i am dyingggg for a tan. NY weather is not doing it for me right now. haha

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