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Got totally lost in the behind the scenes video of this Free People Paris shoot.

What I’d do to sip cappucino with the besties on the Champs-Élysées right this second…

More after the jump.

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Photos courtesy of Free People

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  1. ahhh okay great now i’m obsessed with this whole shoot/line/look. i can’t wait to see the clothes in the shops!

    xo, camilla

  2. i love free people, and i love paris…so i love this shoot! i would wear all of these clothes…just amazing!

  3. so many pretty pieces. i love the black ruffle shorts and cropped top. it’s funny that whenever i see a cute cropped top i often pass it by as “too young for me” but then i always wish i had some when i try and put together high waisted looks. i must remember in the right outfit they’re perfection.

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