giveaway: 10 bottles of marc jacobs daisy eau so fresh!

Bye bye wintery layers, ‘Lincoln Park After Dark’ and hot soup, hello
flowy dresses, ‘Cajun Shrimp’ and avocado salads – spring has officially sprung!

Other than switching out my winter wardrobe, nail polish colors and go-to dishes, one of my favorite ways to refresh my springtime vibe is by switching up my scent. This year I fell in love with the yummy raspberry, wild rose and deep plum notes in the new Marc Jacobs scent, Daisy Eau So Fresh. It’s playful and fun but still sexy and feminine. Not to mention, the flirty bottle brightens up my room.

In honor of switching things up for the season I’m giving away 10 bottles of my new fave – Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh!

To enter simply click here to play the Daisy Oh So Fresh Facebook game which shows you your freshest posts AND leave a comment below sharing your favorite way to refresh your style for spring along with your email address by April 7 at midnight EST.

Easy breezy? Good luck!

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  1. my favorite way to refresh my style for spring is by pairing most of my outfits with a floral scarf! i also like to switch my nail polish colors up!

  2. My favorite way to refresh my style is to cut and color my hair and buy a new outfit! 馃檪 I feel sooo much better after doing that! 馃榾

    julie dot luhtala at gmail dot com

  3. Colors and florals make me ready for spring! Natural hair, fun nail color and new sandals are a great way, too!

  4. Now that it’s spring I’m using a little bronzer mixed with my moisturizer every time I get out of the shower and of course adding more pastels to my wardrobe!!!

  5. I refresh my spring style by rocking a great pair of flat strappy sandals. I’ll add some neon accessories and petal pink dresses into my spring mix!

  6. My favorite way to refresh my style for spring is to put away the blacks and greys and break out all of my bold and colorful clothes!


  7. i am pretty much stuck in a black and grey wardrobe, so this spring i plan to paint my nails the hottest colors like hot pink, salmon pink, yves klein blue, orange, and red.
    i also like to wear more white because it’s fresh and clean like spring. i also switch up my conditioner to a scented conditioner so my hair smells amazing, like coconut!


  8. I read all the latest magazines and have a peep at a few blogs for inspiration, and then I limit myself to buying one versatile outfit that goes with a good few things in my wardrobe.

  9. I always freshen up with a new haircut and a new scent for springtime. This season…I’m thinking MJ!

    (email – hopemagster (at) yahoo (dot) com

  10. I like to refresh my style by using neutrals and spicing them up with killer accessories oh and heels heels heels! A new makeup look helps out too.

    – Kristina

  11. When spring rolls around, I give myself a home pedicure to rejuvenate my runner feet. And of course, I definitely add more colors and strip off the Vermont layers! Here’s to sunshine and a warm breeze 馃檪

  12. In the spring I always add white to update my wardrobe. Just because white is such a classic and elegant colour at the same time suitable for all ages. E.g. you love a shirt you wore, why not pair it with some white shorts or high wasted trousers (which btw are so in atm, 70s eat your heart out!) xoxo

  13. My favorite way to refresh my style for spring is to force myself into trying something that I haven’t tried before. This year: maxi skirts and giant, wide leg pants. I’ve been a short skirty wearin’, skin-tight pants sportin’ fool for years, and so it’s time for a change!

    xo Rah
    fashflood at gmail dot com

  14. lovely giveaway!
    I love to refresh my style my incorporating new lovely spring clothing such as bright and nude colors and florals in my wardrobe! A haircut is also a lovely way to refresh your style. also, boosts my inner jogger. i can jog outside!

  15. I refresh by breaking out all those books that I’ve spent all winter holed up in bookstores buying. I bring my beach towel along and lay out in Bryant Park.

    I wear sundresses in bright colors, I wear my hair in a plait.

    I go barefoot as often as possible.

  16. I refresh by breaking out all those books that I’ve spent all winter holed up in bookstores buying. I bring my beach towel along and lay out in Bryant Park.

    I wear sundresses in bright colors, I wear my hair in a plait.

    I go barefoot as often as possible.

  17. I go out on a shopping spree and ONLY let myself get spring clothes. I try and shift away from the black I love to wear and go for breezy whites and blues.
    I also start opening all the windows in my house so the fresh air can get in!
    Sometimes I even buy flowers and keep them around the house. They make it smell so nice and clean!

  18. I agree, new nail polish colors are definitely a must to refresh for spring! Along with a pedicure, of course, to show off the cute painted toes in a great pair of sandals. Also, as cliche as it may be, spring cleaning!! Nothing more refreshing than that and then opening all the windows and taking in all the spring air. 馃檪

    Alyssa Weaver

  19. My favorite way to refresh my style for spring time is to throw away the leggings, shave the pelt, grab the soft florals, throw on the neutral jackets, douse my neck in long chains and pendants, and bring out the bright strappy(ish) shoes :] it’s all about revealing what was hidden from the cold during winter.

  20. In winter I’m all about the black and grey. To be honest, usually year round I’m all about the black and grey! I made it my New Years resolution to wear more colors. I think that bright pops of color (or whole outfits!) are so much fun and a great way to refresh your style in the warmer months. I started in February with fun nail polishes (light purple and turquoise) and am slowly starting to buy more colors. Now if the weather would just improve!

  21. I love spring and that’s why I of course celebrate it by taking a week of to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world – london, this year. Just to breath the spring in and get some cool spring experiences! (and have an excuse to take a whole lot of nice clothes with me home in my suitcase too):-)

  22. Get yourselves some awesome platform wedges/heels to give you a 70’s look and to refresh your style, some great shoes always makes the difference. Jeffrey Cambell is a great way to go 馃槈 and to make it even more interesting for the dark haired ones, put in some blue color in the ends and for the blondes, some pink!

  23. My favorite way for geering up for spring is to start tanning, showing some leg with cute dresses, doing something new with my hair and using bright and “happy” nail colors 馃檪 Oh and cant forget the shoes, oh the spring/summer shoes 馃檪 Thanks for the giveaway, very sweet!

  24. For me, dressing in lighter and looser clothes works. Nothing better than feeling the nice wind through light clothes and not having to freeze to death! Plus, in the spring, I can finally pull out the funky sunglasses again 馃檪

  25. Definitely new bright colors on the toes and hands, New Strappy natural colored platforms to show the color off, white bell bottom jeans, and New face framing layers! I love to wear my hair’s natural wave in the spring! AND we mustn’t forget more trips to the gym!

  26. new bright color on the nails and toes, natural colored super high platforms to show the colors off, bright white flared jeans- Face framing layers- I loving wearing my hairs natural wave come Spring/Summer and this helps that a ton- AND We mustn’t forget more frequent trips to the gym!!

  27. Ah, Spring! Goodbye pants! I love shopping for new bathing suit styles than the last year, and bringing back all the florals.
    This year I think I’ll bring in Spring with lots of new hairstyles, and fun skirts!

  28. I live in Seattle so it’s still a little chilly here. But I deal with the transition from winter to spring with bright colored accessories and scarves. I layer leggings with shorts and tees with cardigans to stay warm. Red, orange, and other tropical nail colors are a must as well.

    Love your blog and read it religiously!


  29. I like to clean out the closet and find everything i still consider to be in {my} style for the warm weather. Then i donate the rest 馃檪

  30. Whenever spring comes, I always make sure to have fresh flowers all over my apartment; it reminds me to dress lighter and add in more color to my usually-neutral wardrobe… especially in terms of nail color.

  31. I love to try new makeup! Just by trying out a more bright blush or eyeshadows that make my eyes pop I instantly feel and look prettier which then puts me in a great mood for spring!

  32. i go shopping and buy as many dresses and skirts as i can, because once it’s warm – my pants / jeans are retired until fall arrives again. sadly i won’t be able to retire them for awhile yet because it is decidedly non-spring-y in maine right now.


  33. Getting a few new beauty products like a new blush, colored eyeliner, or nail polish always helps me to refresh my look. Also getting something light and flowery helps me to feel in the spring time mood even if its still cold out!

  34. I always make a goals sheet for spring–it’s like my own personal New Year’s Resolution time 馃檪

    This year–nail polish designs, adding hats and belts as accessories

  35. My favorite way to refresh things for Spring is switching up my nail polish, adding fun florals to my wardrobe and rearranging/adding to the decorative accessories in my home!


  36. for me spring means coming out of the lair i’ve built in my bedroom throughout the winter and finally being able to express myself. instead of just my overcoat people can now appreciate my entire outfit! spring also usually means a conscious effort on my part to start eating better and fresher foods. spring 2011 has been a long time comin’!!

  37. I love wearing pastels! Nails, eyeshadow, jackets, and now I’ve been seeing pastel lips. Spring is time for soft colors, perfect way to warm up between winter blacks and grays and Summer neon brights(:

  38. Before I would refresh myself, I start hitting the gym… haha
    but realy- I always refresh my style with a fresh new layered hair cut and and bleached streaks of blonde- and add in more pastels colors and a more nautical look in my wardrobe.

  39. I live in a shell of black most of the time, but when spring finally springs, I shed it like a second skin and gleefully skip around in whites and pastels. This spring I’m obsessed with laceless brogues paired with sheer floral rompers!

  40. Goodbye cold bitter winter and hello to vibrant beautiful spring! Here comes the sun says the Beatles as they guide me around campus on my cheery spring play list, but its okay because I鈥檝e got my retro shades. Flats and oxfords become reacquainted with sidewalks finally free of snow. Budding tulips and daffodils inspire pretty floral prints that can be complimented with rustic denim jackets. A mix of textures, such as lace and cotton, along with pastel and bright colors make the outfit especially pop, but wait in case it gets chilly don鈥檛 forget to add a smart cardigan. Finally, recharge your fashion by trying a natural braid or two accompanied by a cute pink lipstick to complete your new look.

  41. I love to refresh my style for spring with a new haircut, a new colorful handbag and some light, breezy scarves and coral, cream, and buttercup cardigans! 馃檪

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  42. Ahh its entering Autumn here in New Zealand! But i love the start of spring when i am inspired by all the fresh blooms and baby lambs running around! It definately makes my style much more playful and i always add fresh flowers to my hair!

  43. I cannot wait to hide all of my black tights in the back of my closet! Bare legs showcase spring shoe styles in such a fresh way – definitely the easiest way to refresh my wardrobe for spring! 馃檪


  44. You already mentioned it, but I love spring time nail polish. I also really love candles, and even though people don’t normally associate lighting candles with spring time, I love lighting fresh flowery scented candles around this time.

  45. I refresh my wardrobe for spring by wearing high heeled sandals with socks in them, this way I have the chance to wear my summery shoes earlier then expected, and this helps a lot especially since I love in Oslo,Norway where spring doesn’t really begin until mid of April. I actually woke up to a snow outside my bedroom window today, not to springy some would say.

  46. I refresh my style by reworking older pieces in my wardrobe with newer items, tying it together with something as simple as a fresh new nail colour (right now I’m loving pastels). eg. Last week I breathed life into three pairs of jeans I’d retired ages ago by cutting them into shorts and capris — I love them even more now 馃檪

    danicethompson (at) gmail (dot) com

  47. oh, i just saw the perfume the other week and i remained with him in my mind, sighing after it.

    for me, refreshing means soft and pastel clothes and accessories, different boho hairstyles, peaceful breakfasts in the morning when it’s all quiet on the streets, many walks in the parks, many new photos and dreams 馃檪

    a dreamer.

  48. As the sun begins to peek out and the flowers bloom, I throw off my winter knits and put on my loose white dress that flows as the wind breezes through. Barefoot, I spritz myself with the cleanest and most natural smelling perfume and step outside to enjoy what nature has to offer.

    I’ve just finished my latest perfume and would love to win a bottle of Marc Jacos Daisy Eau So Fresh. Good luck to everyone else!

  49. My favorite way of springing it up is to see flowers everywhere!Floral fabrics, hair flowers and brooches pinned on my clothes, rose-shaped rings and fabric-made camelia earrings…all that! it is the perfect change after winter’s gloominess. If I had more flowers on my aroma self, it would be extra nice! 馃槢

  50. This spring, out with leggings, in with high waist floral shorts and skirts. More whites, more sheer fabric, blonder maybe, and pinker cheeks which is something Iv recently fallen inlove with <3
    Im feeling very ready for a change to go with this changing weather!

    Oh, I also barely wear shoes with the warmer weather seeing as I live across the road from the beach 馃檪

    Love, Amy

  51. where i am, the weather doesn’t change much, so the seasons don’t ground me down, in the way i dress. i’d wear black when it’s hot, or i’d wear brights when it’s wet and nippy. it’s the same with the colours of my lipsticks. i just like to go the opposite way.

  52. first thing that come out in my mind whenever spring comes, is to re-decorate my room. i love to see it clean white with lavenders wallpaper. it so warm. the room is also inspire me to picking my outfit. for the outfit i would pick up the light one, such as; cream, peach, and other soft/bright color. the nude make-up and cute nail polish for the winner.

  53. I ADORE this scent. I smell it every time I go into Sephora (which is often, it’s a block from my apt in NY). As for refreshing myself and my wardrobe for spring, a hair cut always helps and then finding new ways to mix and match old floral dresses and skirts is tres tres enjoyable pour moi 馃檪

  54. First thing I change when the weather warms up is my nails, they definitely reflect my mood. I know Spring is here when I finally retire all the near black shades and brush on soft milky pastels,like Essie Mint Candy Apple and Tart Deco.
    IceCreemDreem @ gmail dot com

  55. Whenever I want to refresh my style I go to my favorite person, my 4 year-old daughter. As soon as we play “dressup” I always feel better. That little young thing always has the freshest ideas when it comes to brightening things up. Not to mention she loves wearing Mommy’s “perpoom”!

  56. Well, I love to refresh for spring by wearing brighter colors/nail polishes, but also going round in Milan and enjoying some nice moments in a park or having a walk at sunset…

    Claudia Mandelli

  57. Switching and packing away my winter wardrobe and filling it up with all my spring/summer clothes is the freshest way to refresh my style – I’m able to gauge what I need and dont need this season and so do a lil-spring cleaning (throwing-away) of certain things. Some styles come back into fashion – so a great way to re-assess everything! To make it even more refreshing I go and do a major seasonal-wardrobe wallet damage 馃槈

    xx G

    Love it! White Lace is my favourite kind of lace 馃檪 Loving white lace shorts all over the place these days!

    xx G

    Look who’s Wearing (LwW)

  58. Re-post comment (I hope!): Switching out my winter wardrobe and packing it way to make space for my spring/summer clothes, is the freshest way of refreshing my style – it allows me to gauge at what I need and dont need – allows for a well needed spring cleaning (things i need to throw) and certain styles come back into fashion so it allows me to re-assess everything! Another refresher is the big seasonal hole in my pocket 馃槈

    xx G

    Look who’s Wearing (LwW)

  59. The way I refresh my style for spring is to update my whole look – a new wardrobe of breezy clothes in light colors, and a shorter, more manageable haircut 馃檪


    imiterdeux @

  60. some of new accessories like flowers, bracelets, belts are perfect to make clothes look differently. but before i refresh my style i had to feel spring inside of me – positiv energy.

  61. My room is all white, and I currently have one turquoise accent wall. My favorite way to freshen up my style is to change the accent wall color and add coordinating accessories like throw pillows to match.

  62. i do think getting a little revamping done to my ‘do is the best way to step (bound) into spring. and a little spritz of a fresh new perfume would help out too!

  63. I refresh my style for spring by doing more thrift store shopping where I can find really unique pieces that are more colorful than my neutral colored wardrobe for winter. I also take more time to experiment with makeup and perfume so I hope I win this one!


  64. For spring I take out all of my favorite little dresses and, since it isn’t warm enough to wear them alone, pair them with my military jacket or one of my leather jackets!

    Right now I am loving wearing my white dresses with my military jacket and my sweet floral dresses with my cropped brown leather jacket to make the dresses less sweet.

    Fingers crossed!


  65. I often refresh my spring style by wearing more white, doing something different with my hair, and incorporating an item I’ve never worn before into my wardrobe. This spring, I bought a pair of heeled clogs which I’m now in love with.

  66. I get a new Haircut and buy all new spring and summer accessories (love accessories! Bracelets, earrings, bags, all of them!) And finally I search for a new (colorful) spring and summer make-up look for that year.

  67. First off, I’m tickled that a majority of my freshest moments are the posts/pictures of my food adventures…what can I say, I love to cook!

    The way I refresh my style for spring is that I switch my heavy winter jackets for my lightweight ones [military green, I’ll take it!] and my boots get traded in for sunny colorful flats and open toe sandals/wedges. Let those puppies breathe!!!

  68. First off, I’m tickled that a majority of my freshest moments are the posts/pictures of my food adventures…what can I say, I love to cook!

    The way I refresh my style for spring is that I switch my heavy winter jackets for my lightweight ones [military green, I’ll take it!] and my boots get traded in for sunny colorful flats and open toe sandals/wedges. Let those puppies breathe!!!

  69. I refresh my style with bright colors on nails and clothes, new hair style and starting to use more skirts than jeans:)
    Love your blog btw!

    nanshine at hotmail com

  70. I love Spring.. to embrace Spring I lighten my hair, re energize my wardrobe by wearing more whimsical maxi dresses and metallic sandals with light scarves… A good self tanner is always at hand along with a LESS is more easy makeup routine xoxo

  71. I always cut my hair really short and paint my nails electric blue in the spring 馃檪 Its just some crazy tradition I have but it never fails to make me feel great!

  72. Refreshing my style for spring includes:

    1.) New pair of cropped white skinny jeans- so crisp and clean!

    2.) Taking my favorite sandals in to the shoe repair store for some spring cleaning~

    3.) cardigans.

    4.) Raincoat and rain boots (April showers bring May flowers)

    5.) flowers, flowers, flowers

    6.) Marc Jacobs Daisy and hopefully some Daisy eau so fresh too 馃槈

    ~Maggie K.

  73. I’m refreshing my style for spring by bringing out the bright scarves, colorful espadrilles and jazzy nail polishes in blues, lavenders and greys! I’m on a strict budget so these little extras really rev up my wardrobe!

    knoxzara at gmail dot com

  74. the best way to refresh for spring is to enjoy the first spring’s sunshine with a bike ride. pulling on those tucked away shorts and taking out those bright colored tank tops, lets me know that spring is here and summer is just around the corner (:

  75. This year, I’m refreshing my style for spring with a new maxi dress, several lightweight cardigans, a bright pink lipstick and hopefully, a crisp, intoxicating fragrance like
    Daisy Eau so Fresh!!!

    -Tina Renee
    treneebarker at hotmail dot com

  76. my favorite way to “refresh” for spring is to infuse lightness and color back into my wardrobe and even nail color! I tend to wear a lot of black in the winter, so it’s nice finally wear some prints, florals and bright colors.

    veronabrit at gmail dot com

  77. I clear out my WHOLE closet, and bring in my spring wardrobe of floaty linens and laces, pastels and florals. Oh, and cut fresh flowers for the dining room table!

  78. Definitely pastel nails, some lace, swingy skirts, semi-sheer button ups and a cute flowy white dress! Of course, not to mention a pop of colour (I love accessories) and a brighter, more natural, dewy make up look to bring it all together 馃檪

    x Gracie

  79. i love getting a new pair of sandals and a switching out my black winter purses for a light colored spring/ summer one. those two things will turn any outfit into a spring one

  80. I personally like to refresh my spring style by scouring end of season sales for thinks that can be reworked into a spring wardrobe! like anything lightweight or pastel!

    – Bekki

    oh, how i hope winter is done
    I put away all of my sweaters
    and grab accessories with feathers
    subtle new highlights in my hair
    and a tan for my skin so fair
    khaki trenches and pastel nails
    these are the spring looks that never fail
    please pick me to represent
    marc jacob’s fresh new scent


    oh, how i hope winter is done
    I put away all of my sweaters
    and grab accessories with feathers
    subtle new highlights in my hair
    and a tan for my skin so fair
    khaki trenches and pastel nails
    these are the spring looks that never fail
    please pick me to represent
    marc jacob’s fresh new scent


    oh, how i hope winter is done
    I put away all of my sweaters
    and grab accessories with feathers
    subtle new highlights in my hair
    and a tan for my skin so fair
    khaki trenches and pastel nails
    these are the spring looks that never fail
    please pick me to represent
    marc jacob’s fresh new scent


  84. my favorite way to refresh my style is by cleaning out my closet and donating what i dont wear and storing seasonal stuff under my bed. Thats how you know what you really have and dont forget your best pieces…oh and a fresh new scent- like Daisy by Marc jacobs.

  85. I refresh my style for spring by creating one unique accessory. RIght now I’m making a hand painted/crafted leather ombre fringe necklace, using pastel colors. I also like to introduce more ethereal silhouettes and fabrics into the mix, while pairing them with a colorful shoe.


  86. The way I refresh my style for Spring is incorporating more crisp white shirts into my outfits. Along with wearing my hair au naturel and pairing every outfit with creme-like nail polish colors. Spring is the time to be naturally free and pretty!


  87. my absolute refersher is my annual spring-closet-cleaning and then the post-shopping carnival, with loads of springy clothes.

    by any chance:
    i’d be honored.

    xx m.

  88. i just need to say i hope i win because i am tired of walking through department stores and spraying it on myself. i am obsessed.

    for spring i always add more colour. brights and lights and ofcourse the bigger the sunglasses the better. and wavy, curly, beach like hair keeps things fresh


  89. My favorite way is to take all of last seasons clothes to goodwill and dump it off for those who need them more than me.
    So that I have more room in my closet for the new season ; )

  90. wow the mj app is pretty cool!

    refreshing for spring? aside from mixing in new colors, making sure i indulge in a few mani/pedis, and showcasing flowers at home, i LOVE the smell of fresh laundry. so i’d refresh with a nice spring clean!

  91. Digging out all the breezy, teeny, items from under all my bulky sweaters in all my drawers and moving all the linens, chiffons to the front of the closet for easy access!

  92. My spring style refresh involves a complete overhaul of my closet. Just like spring cleaning for the home, I put away heavy winter items and pull out my colorful skirts, shorts and capris, along with strappy heels. Pedicure mandated.

  93. New haircut (I got it already but turned out more winter then summer), new clothes (working on it) and new scent (hope you can help 馃槈 )

  94. I’ve heard good things about this fragrance!

    I refresh my style by taking time to slow down a little: cook a meal with ingredients from the greenmarket, take a bath (bubbles of course!), treat myself to a few new pieces I’ve had my eye on, and catch up on my mile-long reading list.

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