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Abbey Lee and her New York based band, Our Mountain, have an eight page spread shot by Stevie Dance in the new April/May issue of Russh magazine. Band members include Abbey Lee on percussion and keys, Mathew Hushinson (Abbey’s boyfriend) on lead guitar, Daniel Hallpike on the bass and Michael Noonan on the drums.

Model, musician, fashion icon. ROAR.

Are you feeling the music?

A few more pics after the jump!

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Photos: TFS

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  1. Im sorry. I lurrve Abbey but am i the only one that thinks she is too thin now? She used to be STUNNING!!! She’ll always be a good looking girl but I think she has lost that youthful golden glow and that grgeous doeful pout.

  2. love me some abbey leeeeee! and apparently i like cracked out prostitutes…don’t they know cracked out is huge for spring? cracked out and color blocking!

    ashley <3

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