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Majorly into the top-button-buttoned moment we’re having right now.

I’ll admit, it takes a second to get over feeling like Screech’s Amish cousin but once you do, unbuttoned doesn’t even feel like an option anymore.

So please tell me, are you into it, too?

Photos: J. Crew

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  1. Love the first pic as well. As for your question… like the look of the top button being buttoned but not sure if I could do it since I hate constriction, can not wear a turtleneck at all

  2. Yess that first photo is awesome. I love the sequins paired with the jean shorts too.
    p.s. YAY I can finally comment your block! I e-mailed you about a problem awhile ago, my computer wouldn’t let me. But alas I can share my thoughts with you! haha


  3. i have always wore my shirts buttoned up, my mom is always amazed at how i can pull it off without looking amish as you’ve put it πŸ˜› it polishes up the look and makes the collars look lovely and in place

    i’ve fallen in love with the sweater of the first pic though, where is it from?*

  4. I’m totally into leaving stuff buttoned, it’s easier to attach clip-on bow-ties that way :). And it’s a completely different look! I adore the first sweater, it’s beautiful.

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