chelllllerz day 1

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Loving the Coachella street style musings via Eddie Newton.

SO sad I’m not there! First year off since 2005. 1,2,3 – AWWWW!

Photos: Mr.Newton

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  1. to me, they ruin coachella. they go there thinking it’s a fashion shoot. they try to look cool and edgy, and probably don’t even know the music that’s playing. instead they’re walking around hoping a photographer catches them looking “cool.”

    it’s like all the cheerleaders who went to my high school who are suddenly obsessed with coachella. and go to urban outfitters to find outfits to wear that weekend to end up looking like the people they made fun of and still do.

  2. everyone looks similar same boho gypsy look.Same with glastonbury festival in englang.People only go there now who wouldnt before because its a trend.A excuse to look cool and its the it think to do.

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