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California-native, Sophie Monet Okulick, is one of my absolute favorite local jewelry designers.

We first met when she came in to interview for an editorial position my boss and I were desperately trying to fill. I’d seen about 16 candidates that day and the exhaustion had set in. When the 17th resume hit my desk and it included internships at both Nylon Magazine and Alexander Wang I was floored! “This has got to be our girl,” I thought.

As we waited in the conference room, a 5’9 NY-meets-Venice-Beach-babe walked in with hair so good you contemplate asking her secrets before you even shake hands. She was also wearing some of the coolest jewelry I’d seen in a while.

Even more curious about the jewelry than the hair, (I knew if I asked about both I might make her feel uncomfortable and the last thing I wanted to do was to scare off our best candidate – my boss would have killed me) I couldn’t stop staring at her rings and necklaces carved of beautiful wood adorned with precious stones and gold leaf. I had to inquire, “Must know, who makes your jewelry?” “Thank you so much,” she said. “It’s from my jewelry line, Sophie Monet!”

Between her resume, calm, cool demeanor and entrepreneurial spirit that led her to following her dream of this gorgeous line, we hired her. I still joke it was for a jewelry discount.

She recently completed her second collection (above) which you can fall in love with and shop here.

Photos: Sophie Monet

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