crochet shorts

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1. Hanneli
2. Aimee

Photos: Hanneli, Song of Style & Fashion Toast

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  1. oh yes, I LOVE lace shorts! I’ve been looking out for the perfect pair, but haven’t found it yet. Have found a great lace dress though!

  2. Love these pictures and the shorts! I think it is funny how these girls make the crochet shorts “their own”, styling it, so it goes with their own personal style!

  3. I love them! But something us “pear shaped” girls can’t do. I try them on every time I see them but… not right for my shape. ohhh well. I’m looking for a crochet mini instead 🙂

  4. i love crochet shorts, the ones you chose are all amazing, ive recently taken a liking to crochet skorts as well 🙂 i recently got a crochet skirt from leyendecker’s current collection, give it a look, maybe you will like them too!

    and for the person that commented above and said that crochet shorts don’t work for “pear” shaped girls, try the skrits!

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