thinking outside the jewelry box

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1. Porcelain egg crates are a clever way to sort smaller items like earrings, rings, pins, etc. (as are ice cube trays).

2. Mannequins hands are a rad (perhaps awesomely creepy?) way to hang your favorite arm and neck candy.

3. This astrological jewelry stand from Urban is the business.

And of course, there is also the LEAF DIY Jewelry Branch.

What else, how do you organize your gems?

Photos: The Coveteur, Oracle Fox & Trine’s Wardrobe

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  1. i love incorporating my jewelry as wall art… another cool thing is if you take vintage drawers (smaller ones of course), paint them, distress them and the drill them into your wall.. put some cool eclectic knobs on them and bam! once again you got a pretty way of storing your jewels!

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