recipe: mimosa popsicles

Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to my latest kitchen obsesesh: The Zoku Quick Pop.

This bad boy is a game changer (and no this is not a sponsored post – as if!). This sucker freezes ice pops in as little as…get ready…four hundred and twenty seconds also known as 7 minutes. 7 freaking minutes! Pooof, just like that, frozen! And you haven’t even heard the second best part, it freezes your pops right on the countertop. Without electricity.

Are you freaking out yet?

How to: Mimosa Popsicles

You will need (makes 6 pops):
2 ounces champagne
8 ounces orange juice
½ cup fresh strawberries
3 tablespoons orange juice

1. Make orange-champagne base – stir orange juice and champagne together until combined.

2. Make strawberry layer – puree strawberries and 3 tablespoons of orange juice in blender until smooth.

3. Remove Zoku from the freezer (you could also just use a popsicle tray but that will take eons longer!). Insert sticks and pour about ¾ ounce of orange-champagne base into each cavity; allow layer to freeze completely.

4. Pour ½ ounce strawberry puree into each cavity directly on top of the orange-champagne layer; allow layer to freeze completely.

5. Pour another layer of the orange-champagne base up to fill line in each cavity (approximately ¾ ounce per pop); allow layer to freeze completely. Remove and repeat!


Photo and recipe: Zoku blog

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  1. My mom bought my little cousins a Zoku for Christmas last year, and like a 10 yr old, I BEGGED her to let us keep it. I really should just bite the bullet and get it. This is one of those very reasons why I neeeed that thing.

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