the vegan stoner

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I’m not a vegan but between living in LA and having vegan parents I’m a part-timer. That counts for something, right? Part Czech, part blogga, part vegan.

Perhaps this explains my love affair with The Vegan Stoner. The tagline, “HOW TO COOK CHEAP, FAST AND VEGAN” says it all and the adorable sketched recipes make my heart smile.

Can we say bababloggg crushhhhh!!?

Photos: The Vegan Stoner

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  1. I've been vegan for 4 years, and I also totally love that blog!! Such cute illustrations and great for when you're on a budget or moving.

  2. part Czech + part vegan= impressive! 😉
    I'm a part vegan in Praha!… and fultime fashion addict, of course! Thanks for the post!

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