recipe: rosemary, olive oil & sea salt ice cream

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Ever since Terroni took the olive oil gelato off their menu (WHYYYYYYY?) I’ve been on a mad dash to find a runner up. And then today something wonderful happened – I came across a simple version that you can throw together at home! Check out the recipe here.

Photos: hello giggles


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  1. Thanks for introducing me to this website and recipe! The recipe was written by 'Haylie Duff' and I got curious if this was THE Haylie Duff, Hillary's sister. I had to look at the 'about' section and turns out Zooey Deschanel founded the web site, so I think it might be safe to assume that it's THE Haylie Duff that wrote that article on the ice cream. Nonetheless, there are tons of good stuff on the website — so thank you!

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