mr. brainwash 2011 art show preview

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Mr. Brainwash, the alter-ego for Los Angeles-based filmmaker/street artist Thierry Guetta, has become a L.A. icon in recent years after he emerged from the eccentric camera man documenting the lives of famous street artists like Bansky in the Oscar-nominated film ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop,’ to a branded street artist himself creating his works all over the city.

Though his work has sparked some controversy among the graffiti art world as being just another “copy cat” of the artists he spent the last decade documenting, Mr. Brainwash has built up a loyal following and recognition from art enthusiasts all over with his pop-culture inspired works.

This Christmas day, fans of MBW can get a look inside the mind of the street artist in his brand new 80,000 sq. ft. exhibit, “Art Show 2011,” that features three stories of his original works on display for a limited time only.

The new exhibit captures the very best of pop-culture icons in true MBW fashion. Images of music icons like John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix cover the walls with inspiring messages of “music is all over” and “life is beautiful.” Inside, you’ll find enlarged sculpture pieces that touch on nostalgia and immortalize childhood heroes and pop-culture icons like Darth Vadar and Mr. Potato Head. He’s also enlisted dozens of street/graffiti artists from all over to tag every inch of the walls inside the exhibit with their own artwork and signatures. Literally not an inch of space goes wasted inside this exhibit with the floors, walls and even windows painted with spectacular images and messages that both inspire and wonder.

960 N. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Dec. 22: (Preview) – 7pm to midnight (rsvp:
Dec. 25: 2pm to 6pm
Dec 26-29: 1pm to 7pm

So….who’s going?

Source and photos: KROQ and Brandon Shigeta/Hypebeast

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  1. no way. His work lacks that hook that pulls you in – there's no real depth of anything interesting to get my mental teeth into and there's no soul either. He's kind of missing all the important bits.
    he's a very rich joke, but he was before he became MBW

  2. He has a team of artists that do his work for him. I would never go to his show. Watching his documentary made me feel sick.

  3. Have you even seen Exit Through The Gift Shop? Obviously not because this guy is a poser. I'm second guessing my love of this website.

  4. I am interested in seeing this exhibit. I would to see for myself what is it that people like/dislike about his artwork. I'm making my conclusion about his work after I see the exhibit.

  5. He's a hack. And it doesn't just cause 'controvercy' in the graffiti world, they all think he's a complete biter of other works. Myself and my man included. The people that are interested in his work know nothing about real art. Galleries only carry his work because morons buy it. I suppose thats what mainstream art is these days though. It's really sad. If you place any kind of importance on real artists with thoughtful work that is ABOUT something, you wont go to this show. Spewing consumerism and culture back into everyone's face already happened. By Andy Warhol. It's been done.

  6. A big 'following' doesn't equal Art nor does a following of 'Art enthusiasts..'. Lastly an does an informed opinion don't equal no hater, eeeeek for sure. Lots of nice pictures though.

  7. I love your blog and I think you should also really see the documentary. He just rips off other people's art and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars off other people's ideas.

  8. People, are you fucking kidding me? MBW is the biggest poser I have ever seen. His works may LOOK good but they do not seem to have any symbolic or significant meanings. It's like an instant food. It may taste good but it lacks nutrition. And technically, he is not doing much work but his workers do. And he is claiming that it's HIS work. LOL. obnoxious. He should be sued for plagiarism.

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