outfit inspo: a pop of floral

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ZARA, of course.

Photos: Kosmic Kate, Colin Sokol for Fashion Toast, Fashion Vibe, Stylorectic and Caroline’s Mode via ZARA People

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  1. Mmm…loving the floral + gold collar combo! I have been eyeing one from Ugabuga, and now I think it's about time I scouted out some floral…great post, thanks! x E.

  2. I love that floral blouse. I'm still pretty upset that the Zara Blazer (in the same print) sold out so fast and I missed it 🙁
    Loving your blog!


  3. Hi! I've stopped here accidentaly. You have a really nice blog 🙂 It's been funny when I've seen this post, because I made a draw about this shirt from Zara, which I love it too 🙂 Regards!

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