the holiday finger-food combination generator

GOSH I just LOVE Mark Bittman. Besides the fact that ‘Food Matters‘ completely changed my eating habits he put together this awesome ‘Holiday Finger-Food Combination Generator’ which spits out
504 (FIVE HUNDRED AND FOUR!) pretty mean little canapés.

“This is not much more complicated than making a tuna-fish sandwich sprinkled with parsley, only better. You begin by providing a base: this might be crackers, or croutons (little toast squares, really), hunks of sturdy bread or vegetables that can serve as containers: celery, endive, hollowed cherry tomatoes, those cute little pickled red peppers, tortilla chips, mini-papadums, whatever.

Then you have a spread, perhaps better (if less attractively) described as “the glue”: hummus or other bean mashes; soft, creamy cheese; “caviars” of eggplant or olives; pestos of basil or walnut; guacamole; creamed deviled eggs — you get the idea. This is the main flavor but also serves as a liaison between your platform and your garnish, which also adds flavor: minced bacon or nuts, “real” caviar, chopped cornichons or olives or capers or anchovies and so on.”

Endive with crème fraîche and salmon roe? Absolutely. Papadums with hummus and pickles? Why not?

Check out the full screen version of the ‘Holiday Finger-Food Combination Generator’ here.

Happy serving!

Source and photos: NYTimes

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