outfit inspo: playing with tulle

I scooped up this tulle skirt from ZARA for $19.99 (everything in there is on MEGA sale) and have been living in it since. It’s fresh, fun, textured, pushes me to play with my wardrobe and I feel like my 8 year old self in it. All in all, the best twenty bones I spent all week!

Photo: ZARA

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  1. Looks really precious on you like a fairy princess skirt!Great for your inner child!Lol You go Dbear!When you put it on your eyes lit up like a little girl!Hope you not embarrassed by my comment but true is true!Enjoy!

  2. Been walking past it over and over again undecided
    but the pic did the trick
    i had to see it worn
    i just found it at my zara my size all by its lonesome for 12euros !!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    can u give us any idea on how to wear it in the winter ? its getting cold here in Paris but i still wanna rock it !
    what kind of thights? boots? marant sneakers? HELP !

    love u

  3. This combination looks so good, I have one of these skirts in my wardrobe. never worn, I am in my 40's, am i too old, my 9 year old has a turquoise one?

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