recipes & idea: bon appétit’s food lover’s cleanse

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Juice cleanses. Everyone’s doing them. Everyone’s starving.

So what is one to do if they want to cleanse but can’t stomach the thought of a grumbling tummy?

That’s where ‘Bon Appétit’s 2012 Food Lover’s Cleanse‘ comes in. The two-week healthy cooking challenge outlines 14 days of meals (shopping list and all) including breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack AND dessert for each day. And the best part – almost every dish looks delicious (did you see the pictures above?!!) and the recipes are totally doable.

Pumpkin-Shrimp Curry, Braised Clams and Soba Noodles, Coconut Tofu with Bok Choy and Ginger Quinoa, Chocolate Sesame Seed Bark, I mean! If you’re not into the idea of a “cleanse” the recipes are still a total must!

Check it out: Bon Appétit’s 2012 Food Lover’s Cleanse.

Photos: Bon Appétit

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  1. This doesn't look very expensive to me, especially if you shopped someplace like Trader Joe's and replaced some of the pricier ingredients with a cheaper alternative. Like the salmon, for example. I personally can't stand tofu or fish, but some of these dishes look downright delicious! Like the oranges and chocolate, mmmm.

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  2. This looks good other than the link goes to a blank page. The best I can find on this website is a calendar and a shopping list but not a link to the actual recipes. Help?

  3. the link that you posted doesn't seem to be working…I tried to search it on the Bon Apetit website w/no luck. Any ideas on how I can see this cleanse otherwise?

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