a peek inside: jackie astier’s upper east side apartment

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“I wanted the place to have an easy glamour about it, more Paris in the 1970s than the ’40s,” says Astier (former stylist to Pearl Jam and the Spice Girls (!!!!)), “so that it was comfortable to hang out in as a family and chic enough to entertain in.”

“I live with some of the world’s finest furniture boutiques right outside my door, but buying retail really isn’t that meaningful or interesting,” she says. She much prefers eBay.

My kind of gal! And if your wondering how her ceiling shines like a new car it’s because it was sprayed with automotive paint. Great tip, right?

More pics and deets about her crib on ELLE Decor.

Photos: Eric Piasecki for ELLE Decor

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  1. I was just flipping through this magazine again at lunch today (after reading it multiple times already), thinking how talented she was at scoring Ebay finds. Impressive.

  2. I saw some of these floating around pinterest last week…so good. SO. It's not at all painful that my entire apt is the size of like her bathroom! gorgeous…her apt, not my bathroom 😉

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