a.l.c. pre-fall 2013

 photo a-l-c22_zps6bd5c2f8.jpg
 photo a-l-c10_zpsbdbaaa25.jpg  photo a-l-c15_zps4ce934ff.jpg  photo a-l-c17_zps7208e036.jpg  photo a-l-c07_zps49e959ed.jpg
Clean, clean.

More A.L.C. pre-fall 13 after the jumpppppppppp.
 photo a-l-c01-1_zps0c8aa830.jpg  photo a-l-c06_zps7693e9ab.jpg  photo a-l-c14_zps21f2abc7.jpg  photo a-l-c18_zpsc28d46d5.jpg  photo a-l-c21_zps0c296eb2.jpg  photo a-l-c09_zpse86102fd.jpg  photo a-l-c20_zpsc21fc438.jpg  photo a-l-c19_zpsb455b7c8.jpg  photo a-l-c21_zps0c296eb2.jpg  photo a-l-c12_zpsa6f282b4.jpg  photo a-l-c03_zps15b8a1e5.jpg
Photos: WWD

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