heidi merrick spring 2013

 photo Spring13-1copy_zps6bbafc9a.jpg  photo Spring13-14_zps76d91520.jpg  photo Spring13-12_zps9202cf68.jpg  photo Spring13-13_zpsb17c16b6.jpg  photo Spring13-16_zpscae86af5.jpg  photo Spring13-18_zps8be98727.jpg www.heidimerrick.com  //  www.heidimerrick.com  //  www.heidimerrick.com  //  www.heidimerrick.comPhotos: Heidi Merrick

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  1. I love your blog site! So fabulous! I am a student at the university of missouri, and I follow your blog. I am an aspiring stylist and I was wondering if I can contact you via email and just ask you some questions about the industry?

    Thank you,
    Maghan Morin

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