photo adr2k9z5_zps2c6ecd53.png  photo abl0ksqq_zps39d3f666.png  photo aczgDc0v_zps99f596c8.png  photo adjzSCwm_zps5bbdbb22.png  
The vibrant fashunzzzz countdown continues after the J U M P.

 photo adjMD58Y_zpsfcac931f.png  photo abfBCmec_zps8c26a1ea.png  photo abkqsoee_zps91c1e1ce.png  photo acgUVL3f_zpse0cdf108.png  photo abdhEcMs_zpsc831c196.png  photo adfAklq9_zps8f354fe3.png  photo acfLetRH_zpsc4d06c9b.png
Photos: Elle Sweden February 2013 via TFS

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