photo abj9J2ai_zps180d305e.jpg  photo adcvdqGs_zpsc14cf419.jpg  photo adbDhTF2_zps28c8da33.jpg  photo adrnOy0q_zps5dc8e8b9.jpg  photo adbDhTF2_zps28c8da33.jpg  photo achwOGCE_zps7d3d03db.jpg  photo achUDPpL_zpsf052f21e.jpg
 photo adpiPChm_zpscc4868c2.jpg  photo abqjYXc6_zpsaea994bd.jpg  photo abtoQseT_zps54d5e2fc.jpg  photo abxtHHEc_zpsf1d69d7b.jpg
Moore from the ELLE France spread after the JUMP!
 photo adglfWz3_zps1fbf73d7.jpg  photo acfXNeEV_zpse757a082.jpg  photo abpnZEhC_zps12d04d94.jpg  photo acr8FvNg_zps2f28e72b.jpg  photo adxvlxPs_zps65f0b932.jpg  photo acjrfW0F_zpsd2c5fdcb.jpg

 photo acof09Sv_zps15cb008f.jpg  photo abuZtKiV_zpsf530d591.jpg  
Photos: TFS

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