hair inspo: the big bang theory

 photo Milan-Emilio-Pucci-Beauty-3_zps499db305.jpg  photo Milan-Emilio-Pucci-Beauty-1_zpscf595e6a.jpg  photo Milan-Emilio-Pucci-Beauty-6_zps30e13954.jpg
To cut or not to cut? THAT is the question.Photos: Backstage at Emilio Pucci Fall 2013 via Studded Hearts

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  1. I think it's a great look. I cut it like that 2 years ago but I had to take too much care of it, so I let it grow. Eventhough I may try it again one day..:)

    So, I encourage you to cut it if you like it, then it grows again! If not you'll always be thinking how it would look!

    Have a nice day,

  2. I think that you would be able to pull it off. You have a heart-shaped face which according to things I read [aka- google] that's ideal for bang-age.

    I however have a long oval shaped face and not a 5 finger forehead, so as much as I LOVE them they are not for me.

    Whatever you choose I'm sure that you'll look bangin' [yeah pun-intended].

    xoxo, Em

  3. I went through a huge bang debate a few months ago, while contemplating simultaneously chopping off my long locks and in the end cut thick blunt bangs. I love them, I'm not sure how long I will keep them, because they are so much work, but I do love them.

  4. Such lovely locks! I want to have that kind of hairstyle, I'm going to the salon this weekend and have my hair look like the first picture on your post. Hope I look pretty.

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